Assistant Professor, UCLA

Carolyn received her doctorate in Cognitive Neuroscience from Dartmouth in 2015. After a brief postdoc in the lab, she is now an Assistant Professor and Director of the Computational Social Neuroscience Lab at UCLA.  While at Dartmouth, Carolyn received a GSP award from the Cognitive Neuroscience Society, and the Marie A. Center Award for Excellence in Research, an Outstanding Graduate Student Teaching Award and a Neukom Prize for Outstanding Research in Computational Science.  Her recent research investigates the neural computations that help people represent and navigate their social networks.


Harvard College Fellow

Olivia received her doctorate in Cognitive Neuroscience from Dartmouth in 2015.  While at Dartmouth, Olivia received the NSF's GK-12 Fellowship, the Marie A. Center Award for Excellence in Teaching and The Dartmouth Graduate Studies Teaching Award.  Olivia was also the 1st Place Winner of the Neukom Prize for Graduate Research in Computational Science in 2015 for her pioneering work with high resolution pupillometry.  She received her Dartmouth Ph.D. in June 2015 and is now a Harvard College Fellow, working with Mahzarin Banaji.

Christine received her doctorate in Cognitive Neuroscience from Dartmouth in 2012. Her research at Dartmouth investigated facial cues that convey a mental life. She has published several scientific articles in such journals as Psychological Science, Journal of Experimental and Social Psychology, and Social Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience. Christine spent three years as a postdoctoral research fellow at Harvard Business School and also taught as a Harvard College Fellow. She has received multiple teaching awards at Dartmouth and Harvard. You can see her Minerva profile here.


(a work in progress --if you worked in the lab but do not see your name (or the information we have is otherwise out of date) please get in touch.)

  • June Choe ('09): MD Dartmouth ('14)
  • Angela Kim ('14): Ph.D student at UBC, Dept of Psychology
  • Luiz Dominguez ('07): MD SGU ('15), internal medicine
  • Shannon Hextrum ('09): MD Loyola University Chicago ('14), neurology resident
  • Katherine Huffer ('15): NIH Postbaccalaureate IRTA
  • Alice Lee ('14): Behavioral Psychologist Associate, AIG Science Team
  • Dan Leopold ('10): Ph.D student at U of Colorado, Boulder, Dept of Psychology
  • Shari Liu ('14):  Ph.D student at Harvard University, Dept of Psychology
  • Fiona Lundie ('09): MFA ('12) Ohio State University; performance artist in dance
  • Rachel Moncton ('12): Revenue manager, ClassPass
  • Liza Wiley ('09): Ph.D. student at Columbia Business School