Our experimental stimuli are freely available for other researchers to use. We simply ask to be credited appropriately (e.g., cited in published studies that used our stimuli). If something we have done is not available here, please contact:  thalia.wheatley@dartmouth.edu. 

Distance stimuli used in Parkinson et al., Journal of Neuroscience, 2014

Temporal Distance stimuli were phrases referring to near or far time (e.g., "a few seconds from now").  Phrases and details of presentation are available in the paper, here.

Social Distance stimuli were photographs provided by each individual participant (see paper, here).


Spatial Distance stimuli (4 near objects, 4 far objects): 

Download here (link coming)

  • These images were created by Marian Berryhill and are a subset of images from Berryhill & Olson, 2009.  Use of these images should be accompanied by appropriate credit to:

Berryhill, M.E., & Olson, I.R. (2009). The representation of object distance: Evidence from neuroimaging and neuropsychology. Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, 3:43. http://dx.doi.org/10.3389/neuro.09.043.2009

Human, Doll, Real dog, Stuffed dog pictures (Looser et al., SCAN, 2011)

Sample images, download for full set

Sample images, download for full set

Animacy morphs (Looser & Wheatley, Psychological Science, 2010)

Click here to download

Disgust stories (Wheatley & Haidt, Psychological Science, 2005)

Disgust Vignettes

Filler Vignettes

Screening script (Abridged Shor & Orne, 1962 hypnosis script used to assess likely highly hypnotizable subjects for the experimental studies)

Experiment script (Modified Shor & Orne, 1962 hypnosis script used in studies 1 & 2)